Outdoor mobile power supply should be how to choose and to avoid pit?

2023-11-09 16:02 science and technology

1, travel long distances and short trip travel long distances, and short trips require different aspects of outdoor mobile power supply. If it is a short trip, we in the choice of outdoor power supply, can focus on light weight, small volume, convenient to carry, charging mode diversification. Can reduce the battery capacity and range of outdoor mobile power supply requirements. The long journey is different also. Due to the long journey will inevitably use the high-power electrical appliances, such as electric kettle, induction cooker so choice is the primary factor of outdoor power battery capacity, battery life, charging ways, such as volume and weight. The other aspect is secondary.


2, buy, matters needing attention

(1) the bigger the battery capacity of outdoor power battery capacity, continue to provide output power, the longer the more suitable for long-distance travel. If we travel around and outdoor mobile power only to cameras, mobile phones, laptops, light bulbs, such as small power electrical charge, we can choose to power in 500 w to 1000 w power supply. Can not only meet the basic demand, and small volume, convenient to carry. If it is a long distance to travel, outdoor power supply power is larger, the better.

(2) charging ways outdoor power general charging with solar panels, pd adapter charging, charging car and a series of charging ways. Outdoor mobile power charging ways must be more than 3 times, otherwise charge easily fail in some of the bad environment, led to the battery is low. We can give it before a long journey full of electricity, electricity shortage on the way, we can use solar panels to charge it. In case of rain, we can choose other charging method, ensure the electricity.