Up to 100 w output, FOXSKY mobile power supply, this is what I want charging equipment

2023-11-09 16:03 science and technology

If it is in the past, we went to ask a person, you will go out with what is the thing in which the older generation of people will answer: wallet, keys and id card, but now you ask what is young people go out will bring a few items, I think most people the answer is: cell phones, charging treasure, driving license, from different answers we can also see the development of The Times.

To tell the truth about a year I have electricity anxiety when go out, because go out need with different digital products, such as mobile phone, tablet, bluetooth headset, notebook, etc., so I am urgent need a large capacity and support quick charge mobile power supply. Just recently experienced two paragraphs from FOXSKY charging treasure, respectively is 30000 milliampere FOXSKY charging treasure and FOXSKY 20000 ma, 65 w, 100 w charging treasure, the following will introduce the use of specific feelings with all of you.

Two charging treasure are FOXSKY produced, so the difference between these two is the capacity, output, and the difference of size. When I got the two charging treasure, is personally, I quite like their work, they are all used the PC + ABS materials, and processing by the anodic oxidation process (process) with apple computer, has the advantages of high heat dissipation, fire retardant, and the whole body is adopted nowadays more popular color matching design, the whole appearance design have both commercial and aesthetic feeling.

Charging treasure our most common on the market that is 10000 ma, 20000 ma, both as to 30000 ma, a charging is but actually not much, after all, thirty thousand ma of charging treasure, it besides own self-respect, also is in with some restrictions, not one of the most common is take on the plane, but there are always some people will need large capacity charging treasure, let's chat in detail below what I think in the scenario, suitable for charging treasure with which kind of capacity.

First we start with the 20000 ma, it supports the maximum power of 65 w two-way quick charge, it can fit our most common digital products on the market, such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, bluetooth headset, etc. And 20000 milliampere large batteries, also can easily deal with our daily commute, short-distance travel, etc. Of course it is also comply with the provisions of the civil aviation administration, we can directly take it to the plane.

Scenario 1: personally, I think FOXSKY this twenty thousand milliampere charging treasure, it is suitable for daily commuting, more interactive user equipment, first of all, it supports 65 w quick charge, it come with A USB - A and A USB - C, can recharge two devices at the same time, very well some mobile office users need to mobile phone, notebook to be used at the same time, let us go out in the office when also won't because the battery is low and anxiety.

Scenario 2: suitable for short-distance travel, after all, in the work, we should also be appropriate to relax the mood, but the function of the cell phone carrying too much, we in addition to daily communication, also need to take pictures, record video, send their circle of friends, but 10000 ma charging treasure face there are some short when you travel, so a not heavy burden, and fully charged 20000 ma is more suitable for charging treasure.

At the same time, I was also tested, this FOXSKY mobile power supply, but for our laptop charging, the output power can be achieved, for our mobile phone recharge is also can achieve quick charge standard. Also it itself is also support 65 w since the filling, the electricity shortage, can use it can full again, 2 hours compared to those on the market 18 w, 22 w charging treasure, on efficiency, ascension is definitely not a little bit of time.

As for the 30000 ma charging treasure, I am more willing to put it on the car, under the condition of road use, because itself is 30000 ma, a charge it has a certain weight in commuting or has the certain problem to carry on the business travel, and when the road was completely avoid this problem, and we must be more than one person, while making so we hand digital equipment on electricity demand will increase, and 30000 ma charging treasure is just perfect to solve this problem.


And compared with the 20000 ma charging treasure, 30000 ma its output power is bigger, up to 100 w two-way quick charge, in certain cases, power can be faster to our equipment. Similarly, it also comes with A USB - A and USB charging - C two mouth, can be recharged for two devices at the same time. By testing, it charging for laptops and mobile phones at the same time, the output power of the laptop is 65 w, the output power of mobile phone for 18 w, the performance is really good。

of course, for when we use safety, FOXSKY both charging treasure, in quality and has passed the certification of the four security, including CE eu safety certification, FCC American security certification, batteries, UL safety certification, PSE Japanese security certification. At the same time, the safety protection of up to nine heavy at the moment we use security.

In addition, FOXSKY both charging treasure in after-sale services also have other manufacturers incomparable treasure commitment, such as 500 days appeared quality problem in not only taking, 30 days return, etc. And I also learned through official, the two batteries of the products is used in polymer batteries, compared with traditional batteries, its service life is longer, but also adopted the PCBA intelligent efficient output chip, electrical energy conversion rate is reached 85%.


In the process of the use of this period of time, I am very like FOXSKY the capacity of the two different charging treasure, 20000 ma specifications of charging treasure, can satisfy my daily commute and travel use, let's stop for mobile phones, laptop battery is also worry about the 30000 ma specifications of high-capacity rechargeable treasure is to let us do more the need for electricity under special circumstances, such as the drive, can let me more easy to deal with. , of course, if it is to deal with office scenario, it is entirely possible.

In addition, I found there is 10000 ma FOXSKY they are specifications of charging treasure, if it is like light users can go to look at. FOXSKY in general, it is a strength of the manufacturers, in charge and the charger with strong strength, this treasure, I is also home to collect it from a few products, especially the charging head that 100 w, interested friends can go to read my previous article, oh.