Outdoor power supply maintenance tips

2023-11-09 15:58 science and technology

Twinkling of an eye, time arrived in early December. Recently, the domestic weather change is very severe. Is about to usher in a new round of cold wave, will also usher in a new round of cool weather in many areas in our country. In the face of the vagaries of the weather, the proper use of outdoor power supply is the key. Many people do not pay attention to maintenance of outdoor power supply. As a result, the service life of outdoor power supply also has a certain degree of lower, in order to extend the service life, here small make up to share with you how to maintenance work in the outdoor power supply.


1. Used in working temperature range

Outdoor power supply has excellent high and low temperature resistance, can charge and discharge under 10 ℃ - 45 ℃. If more than standard power supply temperature, open intelligent protection, input and output.

2. Charge and discharge

Excessive charge and discharge will largely damage the power supply, so don't wait for power completely exhausted to recharge, and don't charge time is too long, to prevent a charge, but a pale imitation discharge is the best choice.

3. Moderately idle during charging and discharging

If you don't use outdoor power supply for a long time, must be in the final after reaching batteries placed on a single charge, and you must charge once every six months. Maintain indoor away from damp environment and close to water sources, to ensure that the ventilation and dry.