Outdoor power supply can field power supply?

2023-11-09 15:55 science and technology


Outdoor power supply has always been a big problem to outdoor workers, especially for the need to use electric drill, Angle grinder, oscilloscope high-power electrical users, such as outdoor power supply problems will be more difficult. Considering the general mobile power supply power is not big, outdoor power supply is unlikely. If you use diesel generators, there are certain difficulties. One is the generator size is too big, is not convenient to carry and the second is also to have certain risk. A small, improper operation, it is easy to disaster. But working in the outdoor appliances has very good power supply way, isn't it?

In fact, outdoor power supply is a good choice. Built-in large capacity can support more high-power electrical appliances, with 220 v ac output port, the 12 v dc output port, 5 v usb output port, a variety of interface design, at the same time for multiple electronic equipment power supply at the same time, the efficiency is more significant.

Portability, outdoor power supply adopts aluminum unibody construction, compressive, hockey is more suitable for outdoor work. Aluminum alloy and antiskid silicone handle design, make stress is more even, even a girl can easily pick up.

Of course, the most important is security. Pure sine wave inverter power supply can output waveform more smooth, more rules, waveform output is the same as the mains. Also greatly improve the service life of outdoor power supply, security also got great promise.

The advantage of outdoor power supply it is as long as there is the sun, can generate electricity, no burning oil, not human. A clean green energy. Outdoor solar energy can be directly for satellite phones, walkie-talkie, laptops and other equipment charging.

Outdoor power supply technology has matured. In terms of the future prospects of outdoor power supply, its application range is no longer limited to the outdoor, outdoor camping, household zijia standby power, outdoor work and emergency rescue, medical rescue. Aid, scientific research, investigation, and many other fields are also expanding.